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For a better chaos!

Bert Kruisdijk
Bert Kruisdijk

This blog serves as a diary of a man with a big mess in his head and the need to get it under control. I am constantly looking for the best possible way to do my job as well as possible. You’ll find here a combination of the things I’ve tried, the things that work, the things I enjoy that work, the things I still want to achieve, and the things I use to achieve them. This blog also contains a lot of random things that just arose or important information for my work, but as I already wrote, it is sometimes chaos. So many things, but hopefully sufficiently organized.

Some several blogs and sites tell you how to do your job better. They provide “proven” tips and tactics to help you improve yourself. This is not one of those blogs/sites. I have no business telling you what to do or how to do it, that would be arrogant and smarty. However, I try my best to share what works for me. Some topics will be right for you, many topics probably not.

I mainly write this blog for myself, I do this publicly with the hope that it can be useful to you and because it forces me to bring order to chaos. Let me know what has helped you, but also if you have your tips and tricks that help me to bring order to the chaos.

Bert Kruisdijk – +31 (0)6 83 63 9107 / bkruisdijk@me.com